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ASI Staff Files
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Bringing maximum ease and efficiency to managing employee information, Ability Staff Files delivers a flexible Human Resource Information System to simplify the way you manage your personnel records.

With a quick-tab navigation system, you can track all types of staff information and documentation all in one location instead of sifting through folders and filing cabinets. And what’s more, all your employee confidential data is held entirely securely, only viewable by those to whom you choose to grant access.

  • Easily access all employee information in one place
  • Create reports and templates
  • Publish and mail letters
  • Keep track of holidays, accruals and time off
  • Keep personal information and documents safe and secure
  • Multi-User Licenses Available
  • Includes FREE email and web support

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Easily access all employee information in one place

Store personnel and employment information including names, addresses, home and work phone numbers and employment start date, and retrieve at the click of a button

Create reports and templates

Ability Staff Files has 23 predefined reports that present all employee information already stored within the program. Print professional-looking reports for individual employees, or a full staff report.

Publish and mail letters

Includes 34 letter templates. Create, Edit and Publish Letters features allow you to create and send employee correspondence quickly and efficiently.

Keep track of holidays, accruals and time off

Ability Staff Files provides answers to questions such as “How many days holiday do I have remaining?” right at your fingertips. The Accruals tab tracks sick days, holidays taken, and any other user-defined time accruals, showing hours accrued, hours taken, and balances remaining.

Keep personal information and documents safe and secure

Scan and save electronic copies of paper documents – passports, applications, CV’s, photos etc – for later retrieval within Ability Staff Files. Safeguard all your critical employee data – staff evaluations, records of training history and emergency details – with multi-level passwords providing either read-only or full data entry rights.

Multi-User Licenses Available

Does more than one person need access to Ability Staff Files? Upgrade to a multi-user license and allow others to view or edit employee information from any networked PC.


  • Improve data management
  • Enhance record accuracy
  • Safeguard information
  • Store document images and photos
  • Track performance
  • Create & manage employee correspondence
  • Track holiday entitlement
  • Perform evaluations
  • Built-in reminder system
  • Multi-user licenses available


Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows® 7, Vista, XP, ME, NT, 98, 2000 and 2003
  • Pentium® 500MHz (1.2GHz for Windows® 7 and Vista)
  • 512MB RAM (1GB RAM for Windows® 7 and Vista)
  • 60MB disk space
  • 800x600 resolution
  • CD-ROM Drive


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